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“We don’t want to push our ideas onto customers. We simply want to make what they want.”

– Laura Ashley

As experienced lighting consultants, we design for all environments. HELIUS understands how to coordinate with architects, contractors, interior design teams, and homeowners. Our collaborative culture assures each design reflects everyone’s input as we find solutions and provide direction. With our expertise, we will see creative ideas others may have missed. Our plans are easy to understand, and the results show why our clients repeatedly hire us to provide this unique service. Contact us today to discuss your project’s potential!

Lighting design plans
Polynesian Cultural Center Lighting design


Create an inviting atmosphere with professional hospitality design lighting. Whether you own a restaurant, hotel, or popular attraction, Helius Lighting can help you design and create a unique feel that will make your guests come back for more.

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The core of our firm is architectural lighting design. This element of design is often overlooked and one of the hardest to change after construction. As experienced lighting consultants, HELIUS aims to save the world from bad lighting, and we are good at it. Today’s options for lighting have provided new opportunities and made the creation of a lighting plan a necessary part of complete construction documents.

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A house in the mountains surrounded by snow with custom lights
A cabin with lighting control design


Lighting control design means thinking about how you will interact with the lighting. Selecting HELIUS to perform lighting control design ensures the lighting will operate as intended by your designer. We’ll help you determine the best control method for your needs. While selections vary from toggle switches to whole home systems, it is critical to include  lighting control design as part of your plan documents.

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You can control the natural light from the same devices operating the artificial light. Motorized shades add elegance and sophistication while protecting furnishings and art. We can help you decide the best approach for motorized shades in your home and incorporate their control into the lighting control plans. Contact us to show you how easily this can be added to your project.

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Bedroom lighting and motorized design
Home theater automation and lighting design


A qualified and quantified plan for AV and automation is the best way to manage the costs of this part of your project. The purpose of these systems is to make life simpler and easier. By asking the right questions and answering others, we will discover your priorities. That’s the key to making this goal a reality.  Coordinating this discipline within the scope of your architectural lighting design firm creates a synergy that benefits you and your team. Contact HELIUS and we’ll show you how this is done.

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HELIUS can be your single source for electrical design. Our amazing electrical engineer consultants help us complete power plans every day. From simple outlet locations to complicated generator design, we can perform the work and simplify the process for you.

If you like your electrical engineer, but your project would benefit from improved lighting design, give us a call today. Let’s discuss how HELIUS can make a difference in your project.

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Lighting design for store
light modeling rendering


HELIUS uses lighting software for all lighting calculation needs including simple point-by-point surface calculations, large complex spaces with reflected light and daylight contributions, visualizing light in a space, and basic renderings. Seeing how light reacts in a project is useful to homeowners who want the most from their lighting design.

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