Architectural Lighting Design Work

The HELIUS portfolio of lighting design work reflects our wide range of experience. We magnify the beauty of residences, restaurants, hotels, guest homes, penthouses, and so much more through architectural lighting design. Our lighting plans evaluate both natural light, artificial light, and lighting control design and bring together a perfect marriage of light and shadow.

A Diverse Portfolio

Our diverse portfolio reflects our team’s ability to adapt to any environment. We put our knowledge to use, creating a seamless interior lighting design plan to match the style of each space. Working hand in hand with interior designers, contractors, homeowners, and architects, we use light to bring the important features of each room to life.

Among the images in our portfolio, you will find a home set along the Teton Range with floor-to-ceiling glass and incredible views. These views juxtapose their concrete and steel home with the grandeur of the mountains. In another project, a luxurious bathroom calls for a subtle back-lit accent light to the stunning onyx shower wall. You’ll also find a high-end restaurant with lighting that cultivates intimacy and comfort.

Attention to Detail

No matter the style or type of architectural lighting design, HELIUS will use our expertise to enhance your space in new and innovative ways. We believe that truly admirable architectural lighting design is subtle and detail-oriented. Our designs are always thoughtful and striking, without overpowering other elements.

Preview Our Work

See more of our work by clicking through our portfolio. We are proud of all we’ve accomplished in our years of designing interior lighting plans across the United States. If you’re seeking an expert in lighting design, lighting control design, motorized shade design, electrical design or audio-video / automation design don’t wait to contact us. We are eager to discuss the possibilities of your project.