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Lighting can be so much more than a decorative fixture or a pattern of recessed fixtures that fill a room and wash it’s character away. Recognizing opportunities to emphasize the details is what an expert pair of eyes can do for you. When you choose HELIUS you are choosing to elevate your visual experience.


Lighting design in room

Selecting artwork within a residence or business improves our surroundings with its inherent beauty and reflects the personality of the owner. Add the lighting, and you can feature your art and transform it into a conversation piece. Selecting the right method for lighting art is important. Directional spot or floodlights which focus on an individual piece are a great solution. A wall wash application evenly illuminates a wall to provide flexibility to art locations. Art lighting projectors create a focused beam around the frame to ensure the art maintains complete independence from its mounting surface. Wall-mounted picture lights are often a great solution. These fixtures can provide an accent specific to the art while also keeping the ceiling clean.


Using the right products, you can illuminate the architectural moments and unique finishes within your home or building.

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Cabinet and Millwork Lighting

Electrical design can also be functional as well as beautiful. Ensuring that you have enough light in the places where you work can help make your life easier and also help you to be more productive.

Great cabinet lighting can illuminate both countertops and workbenches, allowing you to use your space without being hindered by poor lighting. Effectively placed millwork lighting can illuminate closets, alcoves, and more, lighting the areas that you use or need most.

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