Motorized Shade Design


Poorly lit rooms can feel uninviting and heavy, while a well-lit room can be either energizing or relaxing, depending on the circumstances. When designing a room, both artificial and natural light play essential roles.

Why Are Motorized Shades Essential?

The feel of natural light makes motorized shades an important part of any lighting plan. They make it easy to transform the light in a room at any hour of the day. The shades can be raised quickly to let the light pour in. They can also be easily lowered when the room is hot, when someone needs privacy, or when the sun is too bright.

The best-motorized shades are easy to use. They protect furniture and art while making natural sunlight comfortable. At HELIUS  we’re experienced with finding the perfect shades for any room. We’re eager to help you create a lighting design plan incorporating functional, beautiful motorized shades.


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