Within your space, it is optimal to incorporate both natural and artificial lighting. Natural light is a great way to open your space and influence the mood and tone of your space. Many techniques can be used to increase and emphasize natural light. 

Add More Reflective Surfaces 

One way you can increase the Natural Lighting in your space is by adding more reflective surfaces. Naturally, a mirror will be one of your best choices. A strategically placed mirror across from a window can help the light bounce around and brighten up your room. Light also can be reflected around the room by incorporating water. You could do this with a fountain or small water feature. By using reflective surfaces, you can increase the amount of natural light in your space to help it feel brighter and bigger. 

Choose the Right Colors 

Light will reflect off the colors in your space as well. Choosing the right colors can help you increase the natural light around the room. The color of your walls is a good place to start. White or other light colors will help the overall space feel brighter and maximize the amount of light reflected. Additionally, you can use lighter colors in your furniture, flooring, and decorations. In order to have balance in your space, you should make sure you are still using some dark colors for accents and to help increase the vibrancy of the natural light. 

Accentuate Your Windows 

Natural light enters your space through the windows, so naturally, you want to focus some attention here. The first thing you need to do is make sure your windows are allowing light into the space. Open your curtains and blinds. Opt for more translucent drapery options so light can filter in while still maintaining privacy. It’s also a good idea to give your windows a thorough cleaning. Clearer glass will let in more light. 


Having natural light in your space is beneficial for many reasons. It makes rooms seem bigger, brighter, and overall more appealing. As Lighting Designers, we can help you incorporate natural light into your space.

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