When we design the lighting for your residential space, one of the first things we help you understand is the different types of light you can include. Using multiple layers of light will help create the desired atmosphere for each room. 


The first type of light to consider is ambient lighting. Ambient lighting is general lighting. It includes any type of light that fully illuminates a room. Ambient light may consist of overhead light and natural light that shines through the windows. When deciding how to incorporate ambient lighting in your space, determine the atmosphere you want to set. For example, if you’re going to have a tranquil and relaxed atmosphere, you can incorporate more natural light. Another thing to consider is how the light fixtures you choose may impact the atmosphere. A chandelier can create an elegant space, while recessed lights create light without a visible fixture.


Task lighting is any lighting designed for a specific purpose. Most often, it is found in smaller spaces. Examples include lighting for a reading nook, lights that illuminate your counter space, and pendant lighting over a kitchen island. Task light also contributes to the room’s feel, or atmosphere, even though it has a specific focus. For task lighting, you can use pendants, tape lighting, lamps, and more. With these types of lighting, you might want to focus on brighter light sources. 


The final type of lighting you will see is accent lighting. Highlighting a beautiful shelf, drawing attention to a piece of art, focusing on a tree in the yard, or another accent is essential in creating the desired atmosphere of the room. Accent lighting is all about the aesthetic. With accent lighting, you can get creative and use different colors and styles to emphasize the elements of your home. 


Many elements go into the lighting design of your residential space. Understanding the different types of lighting can help you determine what you will need in your area. Incorporating different lighting types will also make it easier to automate your home lighting to match your daily schedule. 


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